Waking Dreams

heart-lightSometimes I have the most extremely lucid, spiritually-awakening dreams.  I have always been a vivid dreamer, ever since I was a very young child (for better or worse).  Perhaps that is why I find dreams, especially spiritual ones, so magical and fascinating.

Recently, I dreamed I was able to experience my True Self as a Being of Light.  I saw and felt myself as I really am (as all of us are)- a presence and an awareness of pure, golden, radiant light.  It was such an intense feeling of powerful energy coursing through me, as me…the most blissful state of pure energy/electricity, vibrating at an incredibly high frequency, like I was exploding, but with love/bliss, not pain.

I could see and feel all around me that everything else was made up of this exact same light energy, too.  Trees, people, objects, the ground, even the air/space between everything.  All of it was this exact same field of light energy, but it was brighter in some places and beings than others.  For example, light trees were brighter than the light space or light objects around them.  But people were illuminated much brighter than anything else.

At one point, I was watching a woman who was standing and talking, and all I could see was her light in the shape of her body, and I could feel her light too because it was the same as mine, and all of the light was interconnected.  There was no separation, but it pulsed and glowed brighter within the light field depending on who or what the light encompassed.

I was just bursting with this overwhelming sensation of light energy, completely at one with it, when all of the sudden I became aware that I was feeling it.  Once I became conscious of the feeling and the intensity of it, I immediately woke up.  I could still feel the energy coursing through my body but I quickly became afraid of the overwhelming power of it.

As soon as my mind had noticed it, that amazing sensation of love turned into adrenaline/panic racing through my bloodstream, as though I had just woken up from a nightmare instead of a magnificent spiritual experience.  But I gently reminded myself it had been a beautiful dream, and there was nothing to be afraid of.  As the fear subsided, I had an inner knowing that this was not truly just a dream.  It was a glimpse of Reality, of who and what we really are…spirit, light, love.

Luckily, the dream has stayed with me, and whenever I remember it I am still able to feel that glorious energy, but only a fraction of it.  I can’t quite evoke it fully, but I know it exists.

I had another dream a few days later where I was standing in a room with a group of people, and although we were all wearing name tags, we were asked to go around in a circle and say our names.  My grandmother who died 9 years ago was there, and I noticed she had written her Americanized name Helen on her name tag, instead of her given Italian name, Helena.  When it was my turn to speak I said, “My name is Elena, and I’m named after her (pointing to my grandmother, who smiled sweetly).”  Then I said, “Her real name is Helena.”  I woke up from that dream, and instantly remembered that our shared name actually means Bright One, Shining Light. I recalled my dream from a few nights earlier, and felt flooded with gratitude upon making the connection.

I am always in awe when synchronicity brings things full circle, in waking life as in dreams.  We are loved and supported here, so much more than we know.  So I look for the signs and pay attention to the messages of my dreams.  Over and over again, I keep waking up to the awareness of who I really am (and who we all are).  The more I able to do this, the more I allow the full brightness of my True Self to shine.


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